Sunday, April 13, 2014

My Learning activities going forward

After researching a lot in last few days, I decided to learn the following the technologies:-
  • Cloud Basics
  • Cloud Computing Technologies like Hadoop, Map Reduce, HBase
  • Mobile Application Development using Android, iOS and HTML 5
  • Using Social APIs
  • Functional Languages like Groovy and Scala using Grails and Play Framework
  • (No)SQL DB like MongoDB and Cassandra
  • Business Analytics using R, SPSS etc.
 The basis of my decision off-course come from various job posting sites, communities and Google Trends. I would like my friends to provide me more inputs into the choice of technologies. Learning all these technologies would be a mammoth task and would take a long time. The best way would be to approach my friends, encourage them to take a technology each and start a collaborative approach to learning. So my next steps will be to approach my friends and encourage them to take up one technology area. Before that, I need to finalize which technology area I would consider for myself to start with. Then comes the question of selecting the right book. I plan to finalize things by the end of next week and start learning the week after. Let's see how it works out.
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